Open/Utility Course

​This class is where the dogs learn jumping,retrieving and scent discrimination

This course is for the dog that has received the CD title or has trained to the CD level.

Private Lessons Available

​Behavioral Counseling Available

​Seminars Given

​Nose Work / Scent Discrimination

This class will be held at the  Western PA. Search & Rescue Ctr..


Beginner Agility

These classes are done at the Western  Pa. Search & Rescue Ctr. in Penn Hills, Pa. on Sundays between 12:00 PM - 5 :00 PM. These are for dogs who has never done agility or is just learning the obstacles.  All proceeds Benefit the Western Pa. Search & Rescue Development Center.

Advanced Novice Course

This class is for the dogs that have completed a basic class and wants to continue to socialize the dog with different dogs and people.

​This class is also for  the person who wants to practice and improve  handling skills and getting ready for the show ring

​​​​CGC/Therapy Dog Training

​Classes are now starting! 

​The classes run 6 weeks and are for owners that want to train their dog for therapy. This training course will allow owner/dog teams to be tested so they are able to visit hospitals, nursing homes and any facility that want dogs to be used in helping patients improve recovery.

Beginner Novice.

This is where the dogs learn all acceptable behaviors.

This class is for the owner who is just starting out and  wants to gain control of their dog

This claass is where all behavior issues are addressed

This class allows new owners to gain a better understanding of dog behavior and why dog's have some behaviors we think are unacceptable

Classes are for dogs 16 weeks and over

Classes are 6 weeks long with the first lesson being orientation.

NO DOGS on the orientation night !

​Classes run monthly